Discover Bloomsbury, Covent Garden & The West End

Once a paradise for London’s elite, it is now the epicenter of arts and entertainment. Theatres are majestically enthroned in this cultural melting pot, staging Broadway-worthy plays, musicals and premieres. In the heart of Bloomsbury, literature has seen its finest writers such as Virginia Woolf and Charles Dickens take up residence. It is therefore no coincidence that an abundance of bookstores continue making history and flourish in the Georgian architecture of the neighbourhood. Enjoy art in the many museums or a breath of fresh air in the parks, an open invitation to reconnect with nature. Take a shopping trip to Covent Garden, a former fresh produce market that has since become the place to be for cutting-edge labels. Finally, sit down in a café, restaurant or pub to observe the street shows. A Bohemian vibe and dazzling sights to which an illustrious dandy named Oscar Wilde would doubtlessly have succumbed. So let’s go with the flow!