SEP. 2023

What’s on in London – September

As the summer warmth gently gives way to the crispness of Autumn, London takes on a unique charm in September. With its milder temperatures, fewer crowds, and calendar brimming with events, this is a perfect time to explore the city’s cultural treasures and iconic landmarks. If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in London during this enchanting month, here are some city events and hotel recommendations on how to make the most of your stay.

London Design week: Explore the latest trends in design, furniture, and interior décor at London Design Week, featuring exhibitions, talks, and installations across the city.

London Fashion Week: Experience the glamour of the fashion world as London hosts Fashion Week, where designers showcase their new collections through runway shows and presentations.

Negroni Week: Indulge in cocktail culture during Negroni Week, a global event celebrating the classic Negroni cocktail while raising funds for charitable causes.

V&A’s Grand Chanel Exhibition: The exhibition embarks on a journey through the illustrious legacy of the Frence couturiere, tracing her path from the cobbled streets of Paris to the establishment of the iconic House of Chanel. Prepare for an opulent display of sequins, an abudance of power suits, and the evocative fragrance of Chanel No.5.

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